Frank Hopkins, a London-born talent raised in the vibrant city of Brighton, is a captivating electronic artist known for his unique blend of melodic dance music. With a passion for fusing real-world instruments with timeless dance floor arrangements, Frank crafts intricate compositions that are both delicate and tailor-made for unforgettable club nights.

Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, Frank fearlessly stepped into the spotlight, unveiling his captivating musical creations to the world.

In May 2023, Frank unveiled his debut album, “Aeternum.” Showcasing his artistry, the entire album was meticulously composed on his trusty laptop, harnessing the power of various Ableton VSTs to create mesmerizing synthesizers and piano parts. Every percussive element was carefully curated from sample-based sources, including foley and field recordings captured in his enchanting back garden nestled in the scenic landscapes of the South-west of France.

Listen to FRANK'S MUSIC: